Our Mission

The mission of Sisters Under Sail is to build confidence, enhance self-esteem, develop social conscience and teach women of all ages the value of sisters working together towards a common goal through sail training.

Philosophy and Approach

  • Establish a “circle of trust” environment where the girls feel safe to explore and learn.
  • Sail with a professional all-female crew comprised of college educated women who act as good role models.
  • Focus on and praise their strengths as individuals and as part of the group. The sum of all parts equal the whole.
  • Assigned to watch groups, the teens step-up and take leadership roles and responsibilities traditionally held by boys/men.
  • Community service begins at home!
  • Participatory decision making is emphasized
  • A series of group facilitated discussions act as building blocks and are designed to help the girls connect the dots between their shipboard experience and how it parallels life as a teenager.
  • Journaling time is provided and encouraged as part of the voyage into self-discovery.
  • Successfully reaching a predetermined destination with a company of women, who together have charted their own course, stood at the helm, maneuvered and maintained their vessel is empowering.

Goals and Objectives

  • Teach a basic understanding of sailing a tall ship
  • Foster trust, camaraderie and teamwork among participants
  • Promote greater understanding of what it takes to become an effective team member and leader
  • Increase confidence through various shipboard activities
  • Reinforce the value of sisters working together
  • Develop social conscience and tolerance for others of diverse backgrounds
  • Help individuals to think strategically
  • Build team communication, collaboration, decision-making and problem solving skills
  • Increase awareness of personal impact on others
  • Learn to give and receive effective feedback to stimulate personal growth
  • Appreciate effective listening
  • Gain respect of self and of shipmates
  • Create a better understanding of how individuals approach new challenges
  • Learn that no contribution is too small to the whole
  • Overcome fear of taking on responsibility
  • Recognize/understand different teaching and leadership styles