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“Would Your Daughter Benefit from a Higher-Level of Confidence?”

ou work hard to prepare your daughter for life in the big world. Would you like to see her make better choices for herself? Know when to take the lead and when to follow? Be more understanding and patient towards others? Embrace her strengths as a young woman? And, have the adventure of a lifetime?

You’re not alone. Parents send their daughter on a Sisters Under Sail passage with these same goals in mind. And they’re grateful for the results.

We are still hearing about the adventure of a lifetime. What did you do to that girl? I got an unsolicited, sincere, hug for no apparent reason. Emilie has a new found sense of humor and bolstered self confidence that we have never seen before. Whatever you did to make this transformation, Tricia and I can't thank you enough. "Sister's Under Sail" is truly an outstanding program run by a great crew.

Richard Cassano ~ Father
Long Island, New York

isters Under Sail is a leadership program exclusively for teenage girls. We use a traditionally rigged topsail schooner, Tallship Unicorn, as our ultimate learning lab. The program mission is to build confidence and self-esteem, increase social conscience and teach how empowering it is to work with your sisters towards a common goal.

Sail training has long been recognized as a character-building experience for young people.” says Dawn Santamaria, Founder & Executive Director of Sisters Under Sail and Co-Owner of Tallship Unicorn. “As a mother of four daughters, I know from our family's personal sailing experience aboard our own tall ship that sail training, specifically for young girls, builds confidence, teaches responsibility and respect for themselves, for their fellow crew members and their ship.

Can you see your daughter at the helm of a 110-foot tall ship?

Just imagine how powerful that will be for her! Sisters Under Sail has put over 450 teenage girls at the helm in the past seven sold out summers. Your young sailor will work closely with the ship's crew to: stand watch, steer the ship, set sails, climb the rigging, navigate a course, swab the decks and learn the skills it takes to operate and maintain a 110-foot, 100-ton steel vessel. Lively daily group discussions and journaling sessions connect the dots between her shipboard experience and life as a teenager.

Your daughter will be under the command of Tallship Unicorn's experienced all-female professional crew who draw upon their extensive sail training backgrounds to passionately teach the fundamentals of tall ship sailing through fun and challenging team-oriented activities. Each day, through facilitated sessions, she will then process and translate her learning’s to real life lessons.

Don’t you wish a program like this existed when you were a teenager!

“The secret to Sisters Under Sail success,” says Santamaria, “is that we are an all-girl boat. There are no boys. And, with that, we establish a safe, fun and empowering learning environment. Girls come together as a team, learn to support and be supported by each other....girls working with girls....a wonderful lesson to teach our daughters.

“What a great summer, and Sisters Under Sail was clearly the highlight for Liza.  Kaye and I continue to see a difference in her - the self-confidence she gained from the trip has remained, which will serve her well as we negotiate the driver's ed experience!  She seems more independent and self-reliant, and is handling the ups and downs of the new school year in a mature, competent manner, which makes us very happy.  Thanks again for a great experience.”

Tom and Kaye Boling ~ parents
Chicago, Illinois

Summer 2012

Sailing as the only all-female crewed tall ship in the world offering not-for-profit leadership programming for teenage girls, Sisters Under Sail makes headlines! Sisters Under Sail will sail New England in Summer 2012 with port stops in West Point, Perth Amboy, New London, Newport, Boston, P’town on the Cape and Mystic Seaport. While in port your daughter will be escorted into town to souvenir shop and scout out the nearest ice cream parlor. Closer ports means lots of sailing, anchoring and swimming!

The 2012 season offers 8 programs. Space is limited to only six girls per passage and we fill up quickly.

Sisters Under Sail will be sailing the Great Lakes in 2013.
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Alumnae can register for any “girls” week for $999/voyage.

Put your daughter at the helm!

And, give her an adventure she will never forget.


“My daughter set sail with some apprehension and doubt, but with a love for the water. It was a week of tough love and hard work. She found strength and bravery she didn't know she had inside of her. She learned the value of listening, working as a team and reaching inside of her to discover her true worth. Although tired after her voyage, she was more confident, her self-esteem soared and this school year has been one in which she has attempted new activities, experienced a deeper level of friendships and believed in herself. The sailing experience will always be remembered as a pivotal point in her life and it couldn't have come at a better time in her adolescence.”

Melinda Wilp ~ Mother
Clinton, New Jersey