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All-Female Sail Training Organization Announces Daughters of U.S. Military Initiative

Sisters Under Sail invites daughters of active military to apply for scholarship to sail aboard Tall Ship Unicorn.

This past Monday, January 30th, Dawn Santamaria, the Executive Director of Sisters Under Sail and recipient of the 2011 Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award, will be presenting a new initiative for daughters of our Nations’ serving men and women at the Tall Ships America Conference in Newport.

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A Tallship’s Star

As she hopped off the gangway and onto dry land to greet me, Samantha was sporting her signature yellow knit hat and black t-shirt with a pink Sisters Under Sail logo. I had not seen her in at least six months, and she looked every bit the tallship sailor – a Turk’s head around her wrist and a killer Chacos tan on her feet. The only difference I could see between Samantha and the rest of the crewmembers wandering around Navy Pier that day was, well, her height. She stands about four feet ten inches. And she is only twelve years old.

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Union Township mom says family's tall ship transforms girls into confident women

Jay Santamaria of Union Township always wanted an old-fashioned sailing schooner, and his wife Dawn was a good sport about it. “Let’s give it a whirl,” she said, and they bought The Unicorn.

But she has given it more than a whirl; she has turned the 110-foot ship into a catalyst for female empowerment.
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Sisters Under Sail Founder, Dawn Santamaria, is awarded Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award by the National Women’s Sailing Association!

From the helm of an all female-crewed tall ship, Founder and Executive Director of Sisters Under Sail, Dawn Santamaria, was honored with the 2011 Leadership In Women's Sailing Award on Saturday, June 4 in Marblehead, MA at the National Women’s Sailing Association Conference.
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