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Help us give families in the United States Military and Canadian Forces the opportunity of a lifetime for their daughters!

Cities throughout the Great Lakes will participate in events commemorating the War of 1812 this summer. Sisters Under Sail is doing her part to commemorate this watershed in North American history by raising $18,000 to bring aboard 12 daughters from United States military and Canadian Forces families to honor the strength of these courageous teens as well as their shared experiences across national borders. Sisters Under Sail is the only sail training organization to specifically target teen daughters from United States and Canadian military families for leadership development.

Please support this leadership opportunity for teens of our US and Canadian Military.

Let’s give back to those who sacrifice so much.

isters Under Sail, a non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation, has put nearly 450 teenage girls at the helm in the past seven sold out summers. 48% of these teenagers were able to climb aboard because of generous sponsors who share our goal to broaden a girl’s perspective of her world through a unique and powerful learning experience. The program clearly builds confidence and furthers her belief in the value of sisters working together, but it also helps her to see outside the box and reach deep within herself to find her own potential, courage and tenacity.

“Can I Climb Aboard as a Stow-Away?”

e understand your desire to be a teenager again so that you can participate. And, you can! Through sponsorship programming, Sisters Under Sail works closely with individual families, communities and youth organizations to identify high-potential teens with all the promise in the world, but who lack the financial ability to afford this experience. Many times, deserving families simply find us. Either way, we’ve made headlines and changed lives, but we could do so much more.

Read this email…

Sent: Sun 7/24/2011 6:21 PM
To: Carleen
Cc: dawn@sistersundersail.org
Subject: Thank you for the scholarship.


My name is Angela and I am a 16 year old girl who received your organization’s scholarship for the Sisters Under Sail program. I learned a lot about myself on this year’s voyage and gained more confidence, strength (physically and mentally), courage, and responsibility. I would take risks and do things that I was afraid to do so I would have experienced everything there was for me to experience. The scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time. My mother lost her job only a few weeks after we had booked my trip on the Unicorn. We hadn’t even sent in the first part of the payment when we got word that my mother had been laid off and wouldn’t be able to afford the trip. When my mother received an email from Dawn saying that she was granting me with the money that your organization had donated, it was like a weight had been lifted up off everyone’s shoulders. Thank you so much for sponsoring me this year. My whole family and I greatly appreciate it.



Our Goal: 50% Sponsored Youth On-Board in 2012

sponsored girsl

This was the best way to spend my summer.  I think this program really helped me discover my  true self.  I hope other girls get to experience this, even if it’s only for one week.  It definitely helps you with self-esteem and you make new friends in a safe environment.  I am so happy I did this and I would do it again in a second.

Love, Janelle

Sponsorship gave Janelle an Adventure of a Lifetime.


Answer this…

  • Are you affiliated with a non-profit organization or charitable foundation whose mission is in alignment with Sisters Under Sail?
  • Does your community need a valuable leadership program for your area teenage girls?
  • Are in a position to help us identify high-potential teenagers that need a boost in life?
  • Would you like to become an individual or corporate sponsor for girls who are making good choices, but lack the financial ability to climb aboard for one of our Sisters Under Sail programs?
  • Several companies match their employees donation to registered non-profit organizations. If your employer provides matching donations, please do let us know. This is an easy way to double your donation.


This voyage has been a wonderful experience.  I have discovered myself with the help of 5 other marvelous girls who made the same passage.  They have become my friends.  Thank you Ms. Dawn for giving me the opportunity to be on your ship and for guiding me through my self discovery.  You are truly an angel.  God bless you, your family and your wonderful crew.  Your boat makes miracles.

Martha ~ Chicago ~ age 14

Sponsorship gave Martha an Adventure of a Lifetime.

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